How to keep moving forward in christian life when you don’t feel God’s presence with you.

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We Christians every once in a while feel that God isn’t with us, and that’s called desert time, when everything is dry, and we are even not sure whether our prayers are being heard by God or not or the worst we can even question the existence of our loving and living God.

Why we get into such situation- there are two reasons for that.
1. We have sinned and we are afraid to go to Him like Adam
2. Willingly God is testing us by putting us in that desert area like Jesus.

But in both the cases, God is watching you, if you’ve sinned He is waiting for you to come back to Him and repent or if He is testing you, He is watching that what is the next step you will take in His absence.

He is watching our each step we take.

Now lets talk about how to keep moving forward in true christian life when you don’t feel His presence with you.


1. His Promise in scripture
Remind yourself that He promised in the scripture that He won’t leave you nor forsake you, and have faith in Him that He is with you even in the darkest hours of your life.

2. Use you Bible
When you don’t feel Him, go to your Bible and read His love letter (the Bible) meditate on it— and reread.

3. Pray
Even if you don’t feel Him, still you got to pray, if you don’t have words to say just go to your room, lock the door and sit on the knees without saying any word. He will gradually give you the words..

4. Help people who are in need.
When we help people we are projecting the nature of God and that gives us feeling of doing right things and a divine happiness of God.
How you can help people?
You can buy a child a chocolate, you can talk to an old man or woman, they feel good, visit an orphanage, hospital etc there you will realize that how much life is precious and how much people need you and God, talk to people who are broken emotionally, financially and encourage them and there are number of ways to help people and project the true love of God. You. choose yours.

5. Fellowship
Take part in the church activities, give a helping hand in distributing bibles, tracks, cleaning the church, prayers, special meetings in the church, cottage prayers etc and spread love and positivity, and keep doing it even when you don’t feel like to.

And remember that God isn’t counting your sins, He is just waiting for you to come home, spreading His arms with love, If you repent, He is willing to forgive you and accept you as His only son and daughter regardless of all your mistakes and sins.